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Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking System for business intelligence

Vehicle Tracking System is a management information service for individuals and industries across various verticals that addresses issues and offers solutions for day-to-day operations.

Vehicle Tracking System

Business process today require real-time information about their movable assets for the integration of their field services operations with the enterprise operations.

Pacific Controls offers state of the art solutions which integrates moving object control tools, effective remote object data transfer, powerful logistic tool and low maintenance enabling organizations to carry out their business in an effective and cost efficient manner by locating and reporting geographical information in real time.

Vehicle Tracking System

Pacific Controls has been at the forefront of mobile technology developments for over a decade providing flexible mobile information solutions, including state of the art automatic vehicle and personal location systems.

Pacific Star GPS enabled vehicle tracking and telematics unit allows organizations to centrally manage and optimize their geographically dispersed field resources.

Pacific AVL Software provide fleet location management applications which helps improve emergency response and assist operations department with comprehensive historical reporting tools to identify cost savings and increase efficiencies.

Key Functionality

  • Real time asset tracking – Using GPS technology and communication gateways, Pacific Controls on board unit Pacific Star provides geographic positional and status information about vehicles real-time. The information is displayed for individual vehicles, a group or an entire fleet on the PCS interactive mapping system.
  • Resource allocation and dispatch – Field resources can be dispatched in real time case of emergency based upon accurate geographical information.
  • Vehicle diagnostics telemetry – The Pacific Star Unit records input and output activities, showing vehicle position, condition, and driver behavior. Pacific Controls AVL Software monitors vehicle performance and remote control facility supports on demand requests and status changes.
  • Management can access the performance of the field organization against given metrics, allowing action to be taken as required. Historical journey replays provide accurate information on status and routes of given vehicle. Pacific Star Capability – The Pacific Star Unit can register to 10,000 events, including ignition on/off, time, distance and speed. This can prove very useful in the case of poor network coverage or when storing information.
  • Integration to third party interfaces – Pacific AVL Software can be integrated with a range of vehicle management information systems to provide data specific to head office requirements, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and route scheduling systems.
  • Easy integration to mobile information – To further increase the productivity of mobile workers, the Pacific AVL Software can be extended to provide simple text messaging and full forms capabilities. Information can include route instructions or changes in work priority. Organizations can streamline their entire job dispatch process by using mobile information solutions which integrate to back-end office databases or applications.
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Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System
Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking Solutions helps address many issues like

  • Real-time on screen availability of your entire fleet’s location
  • Detailed fleet records, accessible via the web
  • Measuring duration drivers are taking for each job or delivery or stop
  • Identifying when inefficient routes are being used
  • Identifying the vehicle usage on out of Business hours
  • Accurately recording your vehicles activities throughout the day
  • Monitoring exact times that vehicles enter and leave key job sites
  • Full suite of reports that display the periodic activity of each vehicle
  • Identifying the stops at non-work-related sites
  • Ability to track stolen vehicles and fastest recovery of the vehicle
  • Reduce the risk of accidents by analyzing excessive speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration etc by drivers
Vehicle Tracking System