Global Command Control Center

Global Command Control Center (KPO)

Global Command Centre

Pacific Controls operates a state-of-the-art Global Command Control Center that provides 24x7x365 days customer support by remotely monitoring customers’ assets. The Global Command Control Center provides remote monitoring and control of all electro-mechanical and security services at the customers’ facilities, thus reducing operational and energy costs, and utilizing resources effectively.

Pacific Control's Global Command Control Center has introduced a methodical & intelligent management regime of building services for energy optimization and operational effectiveness. It works as an online surveillance tool on a continuous basis for all the building assets by measuring its actual performance thereby identifying the gaps and provides benchmarking with international standards. This will facilitate strategies to be implemented for optimized performance of assets that would lead to enhanced life cycle for building assets. Global Command Control Center services will assist in optimizing capital expenditure for retrofits & upgrades.

IntelliCommand Command Control Center

Dubai Civil Defence - 24x7 Direct Alarm System

All our control devices installed at the customers’ premises are integrated with the Global Command Control Center, which instantly reports any faults or emergencies. The Global Command Control Center, while acknowledging these alarms, also routes them to the concerned personnel and service providers via SMSs, emails etc. Through our Global Command Control Center services, we have successfully averted many crisis situations.

Our Global Command Control Center services currently extend to our prestigious clients like Dubai Municipality, Dubai Development Board (DDB), Emaar, the World project of Nakheel, and some of the individual buildings and villas in Dubai.

The key functions of the 24x7x365 Days Global Command Control Center:

  • Provide real-time alarm and data regarding status of equipment in the buildings/infrastructure
  • Delivering proactive element in the services for informed decision making.
  • Improve service delivery through pro-active surveillance, and ensure accurate and prompt response to faults and failures of equipment on sites
  • Act as control center for a holistic Building Management
  • Act as a control center for fire alarms, security alarms, medical emergency alarms for life & safety services management
  • Centralized information depository and a mega storage of equipment’s operational parameter and trend signature.

Global Command Center
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