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Transforms smart phones into powerful remote control and monitoring tools. Used for an array of day-to-day & business related functions, from reading utility meters to turning off the lights at a stadium following a sporting event


While the business world has felt the impact of wireless mobile technology in many areas, valuation of mobile systems applications have remained largely uncovered. The ability to assign value of mobile technology to business outputs is far more than a simple cost/benefit analysis. Anticipated benefits are greatly depending on the business context. Industry is highly influenced by the development of ICT, globalization and aggressive competition, and the success of the companies operating within this industry is likely to depend on their ability to utilise ICT in taking the best possible care of their business customers. A method for identifying the potential benefits is in form of bringing mobility incorporated as an integral part of business process which provides operational efficiency, functional effectiveness and aims to strengthen business customer relationships.

Galaxy Mobility Platform: Apps to Manage On a Move

Galaxy’s mobility platform transforms smart phones into powerful remote control and monitoring tools. These can be used for a staggering array of day-to-day and business related functions, from reading utility meters to turning off the lights at a stadium following a sporting event. Cloud computing makes this possible; without it, some of the functions would either be prohibitively expensive or altogether unavailable. Smart phones and iPads are now ubiquitous and Galaxy supports mobile access to its Enterprise City Management Platform so that these devices can be used to get the full benefit of all its smart features from any location. Users can remotely manage systems and services in real time, wherever there is access to the Internet.

The platform provides seamless service integration with the iPhone, Android devices, Blackberries and the iPad. This allows Galaxy reports and dashboards to be accessed from handheld devices. A Galaxy thin client installed on the device can be used to monitor performance and initiate actions that affect systems anywhere on the globe.

The Galaxy™ mobility platform consists of middleware that uses business rules and logic to extract data from the web-based system, prepare it for the mobile platform and communicate it via web services to the mobile device. This ensures consistent delivery across all mobile platforms. The system supports integration with standard integration platforms to deliver the full range of sophisticated monitoring, measurement, verification and versatile reporting services that Galaxy™ offers. The platform can deliver “white label” services: authorized users can configure and manage branding for the mobile applications.

The mobility platform manages login from mobile devices based on the user details and the encryption mechanism, then transfers control to the web page the user requested. Automatic log in can be configured for the device, if that is allowed for the application. XML updates can be managed based on time to live settings. To show list of options on a small mobile screen, a two level grouped list is used. Authorized users can configure the navigation order using a list like drag and drop interface in the mobility platform. Users can save favorites for the rapid access.

The platform can be used to create mobile apps that support:

  • Service requests management
  • Service report management
  • Job cards handling
  • Dashboard and benchmarking
  • Alarms and event management
  • Chart builder and analytics
  • Process Integration
  • KPI definition and tracking

The Galaxy™ mobility platform can play a critical role to enable a competitive business operations strategy especially if users take full advantage of all that the technology has to offer.

Mobile applications are the modern form of IT support tools in business practice and also a new discipline in realizing business process integration using mobility. The anticipated value they deliver and our understanding of the value source is yet to unfold. First movers will certainly be beneficiary by adopting new technology platforms. Mobile technology enables you to do business faster, more reliably