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Tech firms spearheading cloud solutions adaptation in UAE

Cloud negates the need for large up-front investments in on-premise solutions

Dubai - October 15, 2015: Some of the leading technology companies - Microsoft, VMware, Inframon and Pacific Controls - are aggressively spearheading adaptation of cloud solutions in the UAE with a sole aim to transform the current technology scenario to more smarter and efficiency boosting productivity levels across all segments of the emirate's economy.

Tech firms spearheading cloud solutions adaptation in UAE

Dubai - smartest city in the region - has adopted smart measures at various government levels that eliminates processes that consume labour, time and management. The industry experts have already predicted that the emirate is all set to witness a massive shift in coming 12-18 months as cloud computing solutions get adopted by businesses across UAE. But some questions arise here i-e are we ready for this transformation? Do we really have the luxury to wait and watch or be left behind when your peers or competitors have already invested in technology upgrade with latest cloud solutions?

With the growth in mobile devices, decreasing bandwidth costs and more international vendors and local service providers offering a variety of new services, the UAE is seen as cloud computing's next great frontier. Importantly, a Boston Consulting study found that SMEs adopting this kind of modern IT have seen 15 per cent faster revenue growth than those not using it. These businesses also created twice as many jobs.

"Many businesses in our region have been slow to embrace the technology despite the many benefits of cloud solutions," said Haidar Salloum, channel director for Microsoft Gulf.

Referring to Dubai SME report 2014, he said even in a developed economy like the UAE, only 21 per cent of SMEs use advanced IT systems. "There are also many SMEs that are using cloud services but don't know it - such as online e-mail or accounting services."

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