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Pacific Controls announces its next generation state of the art Galaxy-2021 software platform

Revolutionary platform enables end-to-end managed services for smart cities and the internet of everything

Galaxy 2021

Dubai, November 10, 2014: Pacific Control Systems (PCS),a global provider of ICT-enabled managed services andsolutions for smart cities, critical assets and machines, has announced its Galaxy-2021 Software Platform will be released in the first quarter of 2015. Pacific Control’s new software technology will manage City services,Business processes and infrastructure in real time, enablingdelivery of everything as a service,optimize business operations, increase service efficiency and sustainability for smart cities. The company is leveraging its new platform together with its relationships with telecom operators around the world to offer end-to-end enterprise cloud computing solutions to global customers.

Galaxy concept

Galaxy-2021 is designed using a state of the art Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) to deliver three new and unique innovations:

  • Providing the flexibility and scalability required to deliver large-scale public and private services;
  • Enabling provisioning of Galaxy Gbots, innovative autonomous software agents which observe and act on device and system behavior to provide automated maintenance, trouble shooting and security services; and,
  • Deploying a Software Defined Machine (SDM) approach for device communications and device data integration based on a software abstraction layer that significantly reduces the time and complexity to integrate diverse machines, equipment and systems.

Pacific Control’s new platform and architecture will enable a broad range of public and private managed services including provisions for everything as service, dynamic security, healthcare, hospitality, education, retail, transportation, infrastructure and financial applications. Delivery of critical real time data from diverse urban assets to decision makersbusiness stake holders and citizens will enable significant new operational efficiencies, more effective services and reduced operating costs for cities.

Speaking about Galaxy-2021, Mr. Dilip Rahulan, Executive Chairman, Pacific Controls, said, “The next great step in the Internet of Everything - completely fluid information and fully interoperating devices, people and systems - requires a new generation of data and application integration platform technology that will make information itself truly portable in both physical and infor¬mation space, and among any conceivable smart information devices and machines.I am pleased to announce that Galaxy-2021 is designed from the ground up to address this requirement.”

A white paper on Galaxy-2021 is available for download at:

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