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Pacific Controls Galaxy 2021 Platform on Microsoft Azure is Creating Limitless Opportunities for Governments and Businesses

Improves Business Processes, Reduces Costs, Enhances Operational Efficiencies, Reduces Cycle Times, Improves Aftermarket Services as well as Customer Satisfaction

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 11, 2016: Pacific Controls (PCS) and Microsoft announced delivery of Galaxy 2021 on Azure, offering smarter IoT solutions and services to government and business customers worldwide.

G2021, an IoT gateway device supporting large numbers of protocols and capable of integrating all assets was certified for Microsoft Azure in January 2016, is available for sale globally on Microsoft IoT marketplace.

PCS customers are now able to connect their assets (buildings, vehicles, industrial equipment etc.) to the Galaxy platform on Azure, utilizing G2021 and analyzed through creative visualizations, extracting actionable insights into the use of assets and business processes, identify and fix anomalies, undertake proactive and predictive maintenance, ensure high up-times, reduce costs, save energy, minimize carbon footprints, and improve aftermarket services and achieve operational efficiency. Product manufacturers and distributors are also leveraging business intelligence from Galaxy 2021 to augment R&D for improving their products.

The gateway is capable of a secure and encrypted two-way communication facilitating remote detection and diagnostics of any anomalies ing burtiv

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