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G2021ES Pacific Controls

G2021ES - Multi Service Gateway for IoT

Delivering end to end Internet of Things (IoT) services



The “G2021ES” is a purpose built, cost effective, multi-technology gateway hosted with edge analytics capability, rich set of wired and wireless communication channels and protocols and on board input/output. The product design, form factors suitable for industrial extended vibrations and temperature ranges. The product is designed for building and factory automation sectors, OEM asset management in automotive, industrial and mining sectors.

The gateway G2021ES - ensures interoperability with fieldbus-based industrial networks, allowing data communication using Modbus RTU/TCP and Profibus* protocols, SAE automotive interoperability with industry adopted SAE CAN J1939, J1708, J1587 protocols and BACNet in building automation spectrum.

To build end-to-end connectivity from the edge to the cloud, G2021ES gateway support a wide variety of field communication protocols which are wired and wireless in nature and of course the cloud communication link via cellular, Wi-Fi and 10/100 Base-T WAN interface. As the devices or device networks to exchanging data over local radio frequency networks, the gateway designed with various RF technologies including ZigBee and LoRa used to maximize the availability of the communication link for field senor connectivity.


The G2021ES cloud-ready IoT gateway solution does this by delivering an open-architecture solution based on Scalable and reliable hardware platform powered by Texas Instruments ARM processor and fieldbus expansion capability.

Bring intelligence to the edge

With data channels opened, the volume of machine and sensor generated data published into IoT platforms can be overwhelming and stress network resources at peak hours of data transfer. Setting data handling policies to extract the necessary information for manufacturers therefore takes on practical importance.

To simplify the implementation of data handling policies, Pacific Controls Embedded Device framework installed IoT gateways offers a web-based user interface for network provisioning and also a click-to-connect command for pre-integrated edge devices. This solution allows manufacturers to create granular policies, defining physical connection interfaces, data collection intervals, network protocols and the cloud connectors. For manufacturers with special protocol needs, Pacific Controls EDF provides support for proprietary protocol development and integration.

In addition, Pacific Controls EDF performs preliminary data analysis on the edge, as well as event management. Since EDF can make sense of sensor readings the take necessary actions in terms of data cleansing and event generation right from the data source, cloud based BI decision process becomes easy and BI decisions becomes accurate and reliable.

The EDF addresses an important aspect including deployment and management of these gateways in the realm of connected devices and device cloud

  • Rich in field communication protocols
  • Data normalization and control engine
  • Cloud-based device provisioning, management and configuration
  • User programmable business rules and edge analytics
  • Power optimization algorithms
  • Optimized uplink/cellular bandwidth management
  • Application driven secured Edge Device Communication Protocol which enable seamless and secure data flow between edge devices and the cloud
  • Error correcting code (ECC) to avoid potential gateway crashes and data quality, data integrity

Additional the edge gateway G2021ES benefits include:

  • Ability to be mounted on the wall, poll mount and rail mount options and to operate in extreme temperatures like generators, air compressors and chillers and equipment operating in harsh environments like desert
  • Modular I/O structure designed to bridge all legacy serial connections (RS-232/485, CAN 2.0B), modern wireless networks (Wi-Fi, 802.15.4 mesh, ZigBee) and low power WAN networks for expansion capability
  • Extended and assured product life times and standard lead times
  • Ease of deployment is native characteristic of the gateway and is accessories

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