Technology for Sustainable Development

M2M (machine to machine) technology and the Pervasive Internet are opening up new ways to make critical equipment and processes visible to manufacturers and suppliers throughout their lifecycle. Using Pacific Controls ICT Enabled Managed Services for Business Process Integration makes the Internet of Things a reality today. By combining the latest available M2M technology with cloud computing capabilities to gather data about equipment operation in real time, the future is happening now. Pacific Controls managed services on its Galaxy platform gives the supplier a complete picture of usage patterns and any faults developing, together with insight into the reasons for any problems that customers may have. This information can not only guide sales and marketing and product development activities, but also makes it possible to offer support services that make breakdowns almost unknown.

Galaxy provides suppliers with a competitive advantage that they cannot afford to ignore. It will allow them to offer better targeted products and services that give the end user greater peace of mind, while at the same time reducing the cost of delivering support contracts. The M2M data gathering units are inexpensive and easy to install for any vehicle or processor controlled equipment; the service offers unparalleled data mining capability on the Galaxy cloud platform. Intelligent Gbot technology, unique to Pacific Controls, undertakes maintenance tasks autonomously and remotely. Galaxy is flexible, scalable and secure and can be accessed by authorised users from any web-enabled device.