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Pacific Controls - World Leader in Automation

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Global leader in using ICT and M2M enabling technology to help organisations meet their business objectives, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and improve profitability

Pacific Controls - World Leader in Automation

Pacific Controls (PC) is at the forefront of the convergence of networked computing and large scale data management with real time machine intelligence and is driving the integration of the physical and virtual worlds. The intersection of these trends - the Internet of Things and People - will create unimagined new values.

Forcing the pace of development in real-time “smart” systems and managed services with its Galaxy 2021 the Internet of Things platform for managed services. Pacific Controls’ strategy reflects the importance of three critical elements: end-to-end managed solutions delivery; a new generation of real-time machine intelligence platforms and large-scale ecosystem collaboration. Together these system elements leverage intelligent sensors, equipment and assets to enable radical new modes of value creation and services delivery.

The company provides intelligence at both the hardware and software levels. Unlike other players and solutions in the market that are isolated and narrowly focused, Pacific Controls’ capabilities encompass the comprehensive and transformative nature of machine-to-machine, the IoT, and Smart Systems. Empowering connection and control across digital and physical barriers, harnessing the profound potential of the IoT through end-to-end services and advanced platforms.

Pacific Controls has pioneered the concept of Gbots the artificial intelligence framework developed for virtualization of managed services and for the delivery of real time business intelligence. The intelligent, autonomous, experienced and cognitive software agents, will be deployed across networks and can be utilized for diverse tasks across the world. This ground breaking technology from Pacific Controls offers the world the opportunity to leverage the ubiquitous platform, “Galaxy 2021” for IoT infrastructure and Smart City management applications.

Innovation & Awards

Pacific Controls is an ISO 9001:2008 company providing total automation and energy solutions globally. Pacific Controls has been a pioneer in providing automated control and data mining services to different vertical sectors on its robust, scalable and secure cloud-enabled infrastructure.

The company has a strong track record in innovation and in developing systems that deliver what they promise and the company has been recognised for this achievement. Its Green Building in Dubai holds a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating. Pacific Controls supplied the control systems for Dubai International Airport, rated the best airport in the Middle East for six years running.

In 2009, Frost and Sullivan awarded Pacific Controls its Building Automation and Controls Systems Global Excellence Leadership of the Year Award. Pacific Controls supplies automation systems for Shangri-La Hotels, which has won many accolades for being the ‘Most Energy Efficient Hotel Chain’.

The company has invested aggressively in foundation technologies for smart systems, including unified communications, embedded systems and network enablement tools, virtualisation technologies, applications and software infrastructure. These core technologies and platform capabilities provide the basis for real-time situational awareness and automated analysis of equipment assets and infrastructure.

Pacific Controls is also working with leading universities, including Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California (Berkeley Lab), to push the frontiers of cloud computing, data management and automation, with a particular focus on sustainable buildings and cities.

With TU Vienna, Pacific Controls has embarked on a collaboration that can take its products and services to new levels that match its vision of what intelligent control and automation can deliver to the market. It is working on making intelligent software more dependable and more aware of its environment so that more responsibility can safely be delegated to the systems and to intelligent Gbots. Along with Berkeley Lab, Pacific Controls is studying the benefits of using Gbots for continuous commissioning in delivering sustainable buildings.