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Intelligent Data Center Management System (iDCMS)

The DCIMS, developed by Pacific Controls, called iDCMS is used to manage JADC. It is an innovative, fully-integrated DCIM solution that makes use of a wealth of real-time data to deliver all the functionality of DCIM in an effective way. The goal is to deliver increased energy efficiency, improve strategic planning and enhance the overall availability of the Data Center.

Real-Time Monitoring

The iDCMS integrates real-time monitoring systems in a Data Center to give a holistic approach to optimising Data Center operations at the NOC. It monitors and controls the building mechanical, electrical, power and cooling equipment. It also provides seamless integration between the facility and processes. The operators in the NOC have full visibility of all the equipment in the Data Center and manage all the elements in real time.

Analytics and Reporting

The iDCMS ensures the right information gets to the right people at the right time. It incorporates a full range of advanced analytics and presents the results in a variety of forms including: alarm messaging, graphing of historical data to show trends, dashboards and reports that are customised for each type of usage.

Capacity Planning

The DCIMS ensures that capacity is managed effectively. data centres operate most efficiently when they maximise the use of key resources, particularly power and cooling. The iDCMS stores the data on resource consumption and analyses growth patterns, allowing the Data Center managers to accurately predict future demand patterns. This proactive approach ensures capacity expansion matches the Data Center customers’ needs.

Integration and Automation

The iDCMS goes beyond just reducing consumption and lowering costs. It enables increased productivity while improving the facility’s flexibility and reliability. The iDCMS can quickly signal problems and opportunities that otherwise may not be identified by nonintegrated management systems.

It captures overall efficiency in matrices that measure the utilisation of assets throughout the Data Center. These matrices highlight anomalies that might otherwise be overlooked and include a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for cooling and power capacity and utilisation.

Other KPIs available to the SMEs in the NOC include:

  • Data Center Infrastructure Effectiveness (DCiE)
  • Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • HVAC system effectiveness
  • UPS system efficiency
  • Cooling System efficiency
  • Data Center power density
  • Lighting power density
  • Chiller plant (or chiller/overall HVAC) kW/ton
  • Pump watts/gpm
  • Rack cooling index
  • Return temperature index

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