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Ancillary Monitoring Systems

Aisle Monitoring, white space and grey area - The iDCMS monitors environmental parameters outside the racks, in the white space and grey areas of the Data Center. The hot aisle/cold aisle configuration is created to prevent the mixing of the hot rack exhaust air and the cool supply air drawn in to the racks. Temperature, humidity and flow sensors placed below the raised floors, inside the cold aisles and above the rack provide precise data on the temperature profile. In addition, sensors for dust, nitrogen, oxygen and CO2 levels are monitored in real time to ensure that perfect working conditions are maintained both for people and machines. The rate of change of concentration is captured and alarms generated when they are about to deviate from defined limits.

Thermal Imaging Cameras - The iDCMS uses thermal imaging cameras to identify potentially serious equipment flaws often invisible to the naked eye. The NOC performs regular thermal imaging audits to identify equipment problems in the early stages and take prompt remedial action before costly system failures occur. The audit highlights areas where temperature and humidity levels exceed tolerances and might compromise network reliability. It allows the JADC managers to identify where to install perforated panels to improve circulation or blanking plates to keep hot air from entering empty slots on unfilled racks. These strategies help keep servers cool enough to maintain their warranties. The periodic thermal audit allows the NOC to build a detailed condition history of the equipment and tailor a maintenance schedule and reports to customer requirements.

The thermal imager is useful for monitoring power strips and power supplies built into the racks as well as wiring connections, plugs and plug strips. Loose connections and loose or bent plugs cause overheating. A thermal scan can also detect broken cords and broken conductors in wires.

Water Leak Detection - Water damage poses a very real risk. The JADC has leak detectors below the raised floor where the chiller water pipes run. These are monitored in real time by the iDCMS so that the slightest leak is immediately repaired.

Rodent Repellent Systems - The iDCMS has integrated rodent repellent systems to ensure that there is no damage from vermin. Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus - The early fire detection systems are monitored in real time by the iDCMS, taking samples for regular analysis of air in the Data Center to detect the slightest trace of smoke.

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