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Key Features and Facilities

  • World class automated, intelligent and predictive energy management platform
  • Designed to have no single point of failure and is fully managed 24x7x365 using advanced intelligent software and hardware systems by iDCMS.
  • Includes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and thermal imaging to detect hotspots.
  • Cold aisle containment system for energy efficient precision cooling of IT racks.
  • Etisalat point of presence (PoP) in two Telco Meet Me rooms act as a gateway to national, regional and international destinations and to international carriers. This provides excellent diversified communication services to link customer sites across the region and/or globe.
  • Network connectivity includes multiple Gigabit connections from Etisalat, using a redundant ring architecture, which features both hardware and fibre route failover.
  • Hot seats for customer business continuity planning (BCP).
  • End-to-end total information security.
  • Insulation of walls, roof and floor for energy saving.
  • Zoned environmental control.
  • JADC’s multi-disciplinary team of highly-qualified staff has expertise that spans the ICT and facility management domains.
  • Highly-skilled engineering staff ensure that the customer’s business critical applications are looked after 24x7, hence the customer’s IT staff are then free to focus on IT activities that relate to the company’s core business, rather spending time on routine tasks such as backup, storage, security and monitoring.
  • The unique iDCMS calculates the efficiency of the Data Center in terms of Green Grid’s power usage efficiency (PUE) and data centre infrastructure efficiency (DCiE) metrics to benchmark it against industry standards.
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) at the JADC NOC analyse the data collected to identify strategies for improving and sustaining excellent energy performance.
  • Comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) to meet customer specific requirements.
  • All equipment is proactively monitored around the clock to meet the requirements of mission-critical business applications.
  • Multi-level security that would be hard to match with an in-house Data Center.
  • Internet security includes 24x7x365 firewall management and monitoring, including stringent network policy management system and logging for secured Internet customers.
  • iDCMS includes predictive maintenance tools to pre-empt problems.
  • Individual cabinets with key, or with customizable options, of combination lock or card-key access.
  • With a continuous surveillance of the site, the staff will be monitoring the alerts and inputs from the iDCMS at all times.
  • Mandatory visitor registration, visitors are escorted by authorised personnel at all times and employee access is through badge recognition systems.
  • ISO27001 certification from 2013.
  • Oxygen, Hydrogen, nitrogen dioxide and dust levels monitored in real time.

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