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Business and Operational Pressures

Companies across the globe are looking for ways to cut business and operational expenditures. IT budgets are seldom increasing, yet the strain on resources and IT architecture continues to mount. Organizations must gain control over the incessant growth in data centre needs, manage IT for the long-term, and guarantee security of information by improving asset utilisation and efficiently deploying increasingly complex infrastructure. First and foremost, organizations need to find ways to reduce or eliminate CAPEX and move to more streamlined, predictable control of operational expenditure (OPEX).

Today, ‘going green’ is important to many companies which are looking to reduce their energy usage and overall environmental impact. Rising awareness of social responsibility shows ‘green’ as an emerging factor that would influence a customer’s decision in buying a particular product or service and there are high profile initiatives like Greenpeace’s ‘How Green is Your Cloud?’ name-andshame campaign. In response, corporate sustainability and social responsibility initiatives are growing rapidly in both scope and financial commitment.

Governments worldwide are introducing increasingly complex regulations designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions and the overall energy consumption of Data Centers. Failure to comply is likely to result in fines, in addition to carrying the risk of having a negative impact on corporate stock price and brand.

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